Unser Tandem

  photo of Karin Loh und Dr. Sabine Schlittmeier Copyright: © IGaD

Karin Loh, TANDEMdok Alumna (on the photo with her mentor Dr. Sabine Schlittmeier, Professor for Work and Engineering Psychology at RWTH)

My time at TANDEM was a fantastic experience, where I got to know wonderful people who have become important people in my life, available for advice and support on many different topics - no matter whether job or personal questions. It is reassuring to know that we have built a reliable network and support each other. During my time at TANDEM I learned a lot about myself, my goals, and my perspectives. TANDEM provided and guided me with valuable tools for self-reflection that already allowed me to improve and still allows me to improve myself steadily. The TANDEM year has lead me to a solid foundation in personality and skills that allow me to face and cope with a wide range of situations regardless of the difficulty or complexity. What I have achieved through TANDEM is the awareness of the manifold opportunities for my future pathways. I know I have all the tools and knowledge to shape the next steps in my career actively. We still meet regularly with the TANDEM group though we have spread all over Germany and went on different careers. It is important for us to stay in contact. Additionally, to my peers I am also still in touch with my mentor. I value and appreciate the amazing dinner and lunch chats where we exchange our perspectives on various topics.

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Karin Loh, currently in her last year of her Ph.D. project and RWTH Professor for Work and Engineering Psychology, Dr. Sabine Schlittmeier and their ideas and thoughts about TANDEM:

“Finding someone who challenges your thoughts and perspectives allows you to broaden your own horizon which is a very valuable asset for continuous development and improvement.”

  Photo Dr. Simone Lechthaler und Prof. Elisabeth Clausen Copyright: © IGaD

Dr. Simone Lechthaler, TANDEMplus alumna (on the photo with her mentor, Professor Dr. Elisabeth Clausen, Chair of Advanced Mining Technologies at RWTH)

I have found my time with TANDEMplus to be extremely educational and supportive due to the diverse structure and content of the program. During my TANDEM year, I spent valuable time with my mentor, learned and applied many new things in the workshops, and got to know great personalities within my TANDEM group. Because all participants in the TANDEMplus program had the same starting point, it was possible to discuss, reflect and exchange ideas intensively. Together, experiences and tips were shared by the various mentors and the sense of community was strengthened during numerous meetings. This intensive exchange was complemented by the various contents of the workshops, which provided the necessary tools for future career development. The program modules were brought together in the 1:1 mentoring, which provided space for all outstanding questions, challenges and tasks. The TANDEMplus program thus promotes both professional and private development and has led me to new knowledge, new insights and numerous new contacts in the process.

  photo of Prof. Susanne Aileen Funke und Dr. Janine Kutzsche Copyright: © IGaD

TANDEMplus alumna DR. Janine Kutzsche and Professor Susanne Aileen Funke, Head of Institute for Bioanalytics at Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts

After four years, our TANDEM is still a good team!


Waltraud Grünbauer, PhD, head of Clinical Operations at Azafaros

I had the privilege to attend your program as mentor in 2020/2021.
One reason to participate is to support young woman in finding their way in professional life.
As a woman myself I am aware about all the hurdles and obstacles along the career path. It is always very helpful to find people, who support you and provide some insight. I was privileged that I found people along my way and very pleased that now I could support somebody myself. I enjoyed very much to see a young woman developing and growing.
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate and a big thank you to Renata, who has chosen me as a mentor. Very curious to see your next anniversary.

Renata Medinaceli Quintela, TANDEMdok Alumna

My mentoring year was an amazing experience I will never forget. I met so many interesting, successfull and inspiring women. During my year I started a new career path and expanded my network. TANDEM is really the perfect platform for networking. I could not have asked for a better mentor, Waltraud supported and guided me through the final stage of my thesis and helped me prepare for the future. We are still in contact as we now work for the same company. The women from my TANDEM group are funny, smart and super kind. I still have contact to them, although much less now that I do not live in Aachen.. .


TANDEMplus alumna Dr. Daniela Wipp, her mentor O.Univ.Prof.in Dipl.-Ing. Dr.in techn. Dr.in-Ing.in h.c. Sabine Seidler, Rector of the Vienna University of Technology as well as her mentor Dr. Joachim Schönbeck, CEO of Andritz AG congratulate with these words on the anniversary

Dr. Daniela Wipp

Many, many thanks for the incredibly unique and unforgettable opportunity to participate in the TANDEMplus program. From the first meeting with the mentees, it was clear to me that it would not only be a great, insightful journey to more knowledge through mentoring and the planned further training, but much more, a growing together and with each other in our peer group.

This is exactly what has happened. Not only friendships have developed but a real support network full of appreciation and trust. The mentoring program has made all of this possible and for that I am extremely grateful. The training courses offered were targeted precisely to our needs and motivated lecturers not only taught us new things, but also gave us the space to discuss and reflect.

The possibility of having two mentors opened up the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the two worlds of universities and industry in a way that would otherwise never have been possible without this program. The freedom provided by the completely open choice of mentors allowed me to deepen my own interests. I was immensely fortunate to have approachable and dedicated mentors as interviewees who were able to give me impressive insights not only through their positions, but through their personalities. The TANDEM year 2022 set a trend-setting course for me, which I am very happy about and can hardly wait to tell the new mentees what a luck it is to be a mentee.

O.Univ.Prof.in Dipl.-Ing. Dr.in techn. Dr.in-Ing.in h.c. Sabine Seidler

I know mentoring programs of different institutions. What they all have in common is that interdisciplinary exchange and discussions with mentors have a positive influence on the development of young women. However, the RWTH program goes beyond this by encouraging young women to analyze their own situation in a structured way, to discuss this with their mentors and to make decisions based on this.

Dr. Joachim Schönbeck

Congratulations to RWTH Aachen University, which pioneered the important area of equal opportunity 20 years ago by introducing the mentoring programs.



Heide Budde-Meiwes and Heike Kind - a tandem since 2009

In spring 2009 our TANDEM started through the program of RWTH Aachen University. Heide was a PhD candiate in Aachen and was looking for a mentor in an international company, preferably in the Stuttgart area, preferably from Bosch. It should be a female engineer with a family. In fact, with the help of IGaD, a mentor at Bosch was found who could fulfill the many wishes: Heike. And as luck would have it, Heike lived in the same small town where Heide had grown up: Markgröningen in the Ludwigsburg district. Our meetings always took place in real life (it was long before Corona), usually somewhere around the marketplace in Markgröningen. Our exchange was about professional things (how do I guide a student assistant who doesn't work the way I want him to?) and private things (how can you actually work with children?). Heide learned about the term "Vollzeitnahe Teilzeit" for the first time.

After our official tandem year, we continued to meet occasionally around the Markgröningen marketplace. Heike moved with her family to Shanghai for 3 years, and Heide finished her PhD and actually started working at Bosch. In the meantime, Heike has long since returned to Germany and the children are grown, and Heide has three children of kindergarten and elementary school age. We live in neighboring towns and both come to our lunch meetings by bicycle. Since we both work at Bosch, we can still have a good exchange about a wide variety of topics. Thank you, Heike, for the valuable time we spent together.