We celebrate 20 years TANDEM!

TANDEM Key Visual with anniversary corner

When RWTH Aachen University set up TANDEM, a mentoring program for women students and women PhD candidates, 20 years ago, it once again showed itself to be a pioneer in terms of equal opportunities. At that time, there were only a manageable number of similar initiatives nationwide that specifically supported the early development and shaping of individual career paths for women.
With a clear focus on the promotion of young academics and equal opportunities oriented personnel development, TANDEM has become very well established over the years. Already in 2004, the successful principle of mentoring was also applied to the target group of women postdocs with the establishment of TANDEMplus. In response to the increasing demand, separate lines for women students and women PhD candidates were created and established in 2011 with TANDEMstud and TANDEMdok.

All current and previous TANDEM mentoring programs are based on the building blocks of mentoring, training and networking - each geared to the individual and group-related needs of the participants.

20 years of TANDEM - we are happy to take this anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate our successes for a whole year in and with various activities. Be there and celebrate with us, we look forward to seeing you!